Experienced Professional

At AD/S, our hiring philosophy is unique in the consulting industry. We do not typically look for a specific skill set to fill an existing need. We are most interested in finding the right kind of person to join our group. Good candidates are professionals who have a solid foundation in technology, preferably with a minimum of a four year computer-related college degree. A good fit is someone who is capable of learning emerging technologies on the job and applying their past experiences to the challenges of today's fast paced and ever changing technical landscape. We like to find people who have a genuine interest in advancing their level of technical expertise and helping others to grow as well.

AD/S is not a big company so we feel that it is important to employ individuals who want to contribute to the company's growth through their efforts and enthusiasm for the consulting profession. Our goal is to find people with an entrepreneurial flair who want more out of their career than just a paycheck. We will not put you in a box and expect you to be satisfied with doing the same thing over and over again. We want you to have the opportunity to think, work hard, enjoy what you do and learn and grow.

Visit our Technology page to see some of the technologies you can expect to work with as a member of the AD/S team.