Corporate Culture

Your Role in Our Success

At AD/S, we strongly encourage active participation in charting the future course of the company. Your involvement includes taking part in forging the company’s technology and marketing direction, as well as developing corporate policies. We realize that our greatest asset is our people and that each and every employee plays an extremely important role in the success of the company.

Our management organization promotes the idea that all of your input is valuable. Your opinions and suggestions are vital in creating an atmosphere and attitude that exudes enthusiasm, motivation, fun and professional growth. We want you to know that this is your company and you help create the corporate culture that defines who we are.

Here are some of the ways we promote company involvement:
  • Annual company meeting to brainstorm and set goals for the year.
  • Company meetings that keep employees informed and acquainted.
  • Internal projects that focus on new technologies.
  • Participation in recruiting and on-campus activities.
  • Social events scheduled throughout the year.